Hello hmheads~! We're a new Harvest Moon AU RP blog and would like to affiliate! We're now open, up and running and accepting character reservations~! Please and thank you!

No problem! Hey guys, this group has such an interesting concept, and its definitely worth checking out!

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This is the best, oh my gosh~! 8D

Thanks so much!

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» Blog Design Under Construction!

Main design should be done, might do some tweaks here or there later on.

Updating the theme and other stuff. If we’re gonna paste Harvest Moon heads on things, we should do it with class!

Please excuse inconsistencies and whatnot until completed, thank you!

this is really irrelevant but your blog makes me laugh harder than i should

I do believe this is completely relevant.

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Talk shit, get hit

Hello HMHPOT!~ We're a new Harvest Moon/Rune Factory RP Group, with plot free (For now!) We are welcoming everyone who is interested on joining us to come check us out! Would you like to Affiliate?~

Alright, sounds fun! I’ll get you up on the affiliate page right away.

And hey everyone, go check out this new rp group! There’s lots of slots open!

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Hey there! We wanted to know if it'd be okay to affiliate with you-- "Town-Square" is a Harvest Moon and Rune Factory RP community which accepts original characters alongside canon characters! Thank you so much! (You're on our affiliates page now. :D)

Sure thing! I’ll get you on the affiliates page straight away. Hey everyone, don’t forget to check them out!

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I feel my photoshop skills are kaput but I was thinking this screencap from Star Project was perfect for Julius

Done annnd done!

You’re ruinin Julius’ groove.

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I tried being funny part 2.

(Image/Screencap from Shugo Chara)

Aha wow this is great!

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